Personal note to husbands

I just read a post in facebook. I don’t know whether it’s an old one or not. It was a message of a doctor who shared his experience. A women who was barren without child for almost 14 years due to fibroids and ovarian cyst losing out in all treatments. But like a shower from the almighty the couple was blessed and finally she was pregnant. After her 9th month she got her labor pain and was rushed to hospital. Doctors couldn’t manage to normal delivery and moved to C-section. No one knews that a sadness was awaiting there way. Ya the lady gave a life to her child losing hers. Yes she was dead holding her baby in her arms. Her last words were “God is great”.

I was really touched reading all these. I wanted to request each men in this world to respect the women around you. It doesn’t mean you are asked to carry her on your head. It’s enough you show the basic respect to them. Especially to pregnant ladies.

I have seen in buses that some people don’t even share their seats when a carrying lady gets into the bus. I felt how bad the people’s thought were?

Men can never understand the women’s world. Husband’s see wife for granted. They think wives are to take care of home and children. They don’t understand what a wife expects.

Women is designed to expect more love and attention from their husband. It’s attention and not affection. They sometimes do little thing just to get her partner’s attention.

Whereas men are designed just in the opposite way. Most of the men are non expressive. They have huge amount of love inside them but never expresses. The men work so hard out with lot of stresses, pressures from their work area. But they never stop that still their last breathe. Sometimes they show that at home but the ladies has to understand their situation and make them relax.

But that doesn’t mean women relaxes all the time at home. They are actually multi tasking. They never get tired but even if it’s tired they never show that. They just run working for the husband’s and children.

I have seen my grandma(almost 60 above) who come to our home, start worrying of grandpa the 3rd day about his food. This is women’s nature. They think only for the wellness of their husband and children.

I need the husband’s to show their extreme care and love when your wife is pregnant. I think she expects that caring from him more than her mom. It is not that easy to carry a baby for 10 months. The women increase almost 10 of her own weight when she is conceived.

Each month her shape changes.

Each month her emotions changes.

Each month her health changes.

As day passes her fear, dreams, and expectations increases. The first 4, 5 months most have nausea and vomiting sensation. It is the complete responsibility of the men to take care of her. Accompany them to hospitals even for regular check up. Talk a lot to her. Go for a walk with her. Take her to a movie. Take her to shopping. They will have severe back pain and leg pains. Give them a soothing massage.

Some have head ache, tooth ache. Though it’s usual it will be severe during this time.

I request each men reading this if married or gonna get married request your doctor to be with your wife holding her hand for all the support she needs at her labor room. I request very humbly to you all.

All the above told were not just about your wife, these pains were suffered by your mom’s your sisters your neighbour sisters whoever it is all the girls around you. So guys please please please respect the girls around you. Take so much care for the protection of each girls around you. Nowadays the protection is needed even for a 5 month infants. Make up your mind that it is your one and only sole responsibility of each men to respect and protect the girls around you. I don’t know how much of you read this but if you have a minute to spare once you read this call your mom or wife or sisters or your friends and say them that you love them and they will protect you all time.

And I take this moment to thank my husband and daddy and who always loved me all time and they live for my happiness and will do anything for my happiness. I want to say I love both of them from the bottom core of my heart.

I also want to give a special mention to my dear friend Vimal though a very rare texts still give me a smile all time. Thanks da.


Author: sindhumuthu

Hello friends✋✋,, I am a very usual home maker. Actually was a very normal cook 🙆who tried very bad recipes. But after my marriage when I was forced that I have to cook and no other go because me and my hubby were alone abroad I started taking cooking serious. I started out with lot of flop shows and my seriousness increased and I got explore with more proper and healthy cooking after my son born👨‍👩‍👧. I started being so conscious of his health and food habit. Still day I make sure he is always healthy. Healthy doesn't mean chubby and bubbly. May be chubby and bubbly looks to be cute but that is not only the concern. Hope all will enjoy my blogging. Will come out with healthy and homely recipes. This will surely be a support for ladies like 🍴.

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