Stages and growth of infant

In a short span of time your baby follows an incredible stages of development. They grow and develop in an startling step. Each month you can find a drastic change over in her. And always each one is different. The parents will be more excited to know what will be their next stage. You can even find facial changes. On birth he looks like their grand parents then like the mom then the dad.. It goes on changing. Instead of concentrating lot on their developments and worrying if they missed out anything, we should just enjoy and bundle them in our lovable memories to stay longer in mind.

It’s common to see that if your baby starts a particular stage little earlier then he will be busy sharpening that and will take the next one little later. No need worrying about that. Some start wording by 8 months and some not even after 1 so that depends only on that infant. So considering all we will segregate into some developmental stages

Baby stage 1 to 3 months:

In this world babies are new to this world. Everything is a wonder for them. So in this early stage it may begin to :

  1. We can find smiling just to herself. Later on as day passes she responses to our smile and expect us to smile in return.
  2. They can start tracking moving objects. They became more familiar to faces, sounds around them.
  3. Open and close her fist, hands, fingers though most of the time it is closed.
  4. They try to grab the objects near them.
  5. Raise heads while on tummy.

Baby stage 4 to 6 months:

Actually at this stage they start experimenting more about is world. Most babies start to :

  1. Sit with support. Head becomes firm and will have good control.
  2. They start voicing. Give sounds like oohhh aahhhhh and all.
  3. Roll down in bed. Mostly they ease to do from front to back.
  4. They gabble sounds wanted to speak.
  5. They actually laugh now.
  6. Become more active with hands.

Baby stage 7 to 9 moths:

By this time he will have realized that he can achieve an object by rolling dragging. So now he will try to move forward and backward. During this time your baby may:

  1. Start to crawl.
  2. They try crawling with back support or tummy support. Some never crawl and direct to walking.
  3. They can sit without support.
  4. They can blabber usual heard words like mama, papa, dhadha.
  5. They start responding to their name.
  6. They start following regular instructions. Like ‘no’, ‘come here’, ‘see’ etc.
  7. Listen sounds and become familiar with their toys and usage.
  8. Try to stand by holding support.

Baby stage 10 to 12 months:

It’s a transition state from baby to toddler but still a baby in many ways. Your baby:

  1. He begin mastering in grasping objects.
  2. He can feed himself.
  3. Move around holding walls and furniture.
  4. Say words like mama papa to maximum 3 words
  5. Take her first step.

At the end, every baby is really different. Each grow uniquely. If you really find anything wrong you should immediately consult your pediatric. Have regular check up on his development.

Try to take a snap in each growth for your remembrance and you can also show your kid how he was. He will of course enjoy that!!!!!


Author: sindhumuthu

Hello friends✋✋,, I am a very usual home maker. Actually was a very normal cook 🙆who tried very bad recipes. But after my marriage when I was forced that I have to cook and no other go because me and my hubby were alone abroad I started taking cooking serious. I started out with lot of flop shows and my seriousness increased and I got explore with more proper and healthy cooking after my son born👨‍👩‍👧. I started being so conscious of his health and food habit. Still day I make sure he is always healthy. Healthy doesn't mean chubby and bubbly. May be chubby and bubbly looks to be cute but that is not only the concern. Hope all will enjoy my blogging. Will come out with healthy and homely recipes. This will surely be a support for ladies like 🍴.

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