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Hoping good wellness for all, I thought I should share about the different styles in parenting. I predict most 80-90’s kids must be new parents now.

Those who are reading this just think back of your childhood. Was there any styles or kind or types in parenting. Each one were different. Some were so free to their child some were strict tigers and some goes into the mid of both. But there were no philosophy or research for how parents should be and all.

But today everything is different. They have categorized the parenting techniques. There are classes, training and counselling for how to be a good parent. Still every parent is different. They are under their own topologies. Here is a gaze on common parenting styles and take a look if you fall into one.

Broadly classified into:

  • Attachment parenting
  • Helicopter parenting
  • Free range parenting
  • Tiger parenting

Attachment parenting :

We will start with the sweetest one of all. This word was framed by Dr. William Sears. This type is all about body touch to touch relationships goals. This attachment kind should be must for the infants and followed still your child is mature enough.

Start by giving a tight hug to your kid every morning he wakes up. Make this your regular habit.

Cuddle your child whenever you could. This gives them the feeling that you are always there for them.

Interact a lot and as much you can. So this will erase the bad feelings or thought they have. They can open up.

This will give a closest bond between you two. It boosts physical and emotional intimacy between the child and parents.

Indirectly the parent can become more attentive towards them. They are easy to understand what their child feels. What he wants. This will be a good gate way for your child to open up their mind to you freely without any restrictions. The parent can discipline your child into the best path. Even parents can find an easy route for your child’s better future. You will be the one who understands your child the best at all time. You can teach him tell him every good deeds.

I think this could be little difficult for working mothers.

Helicopter parenting:

Helicopter parenting is also known as over parenting. As the name signifies over parenting is like going so interior in to your child’s world. You become more conscious of your child and follow behind them like a watcher.

They rarely allow their child to go away from their sight. They hardly can form a bond with them. It’s actually they are not of kind who doesn’t love their child. It’s actually because they love their child more like anything. So they become more cautious that they are preventing their kid from any obstacles or challenges that come on their way. They are afraid that their innocent would get hurt. They preserve them within their hands to mold into a better sprout.

It may be in the sense that they are so caring but after some extent the child cannot step into any adventures. He won’t have the guts to face challenges. He cannot accept any failures. He cannot adapt new peoples or places. He will lose his self thinking and confidence. He becomes more dependant. Unfortunately he missed out to understand what life is.

Free range parenting :

Free range parenting is an antonym of Helicopter parenting. They become so free to their kids without any worries that can happen to them bad. They give freedom to their kid in a bad way. They allow them to play out alone, walk to school alone, ride bicycle or bikes without any supervision. They start going out all alone crossing big highways. This can’t be effective always. There are serious dangers on their way. They are allowed to do what they wish. It’s wish and not think.

Here the children may learn from their experience. They can realize themselves what life is all about but this may not be the case all the time. Though they are in the pavement of developing their own self confidence it looks to be dangerous and neglected by parents. Kids are kids they have to be brought up with a line limit.

Tiger parenting :

Last and a hated one is the tiger parenting. As all of you know about the power and strength of tigers the parents become the tiger here. They will be very strict and start coining rules for all the things the child do. They expect only the best from them in all fields. If come up with any failures they will be treated very harsh. This may make the kid perform good in all only because of fear but they lose their creativity. They will be compelled to do as their patents rule.

They will be given hard punishments which push your child into stress. They lose their self esteem and become restlessness. They develop only fear.

The strictness they undergo inside their home make their child become so arrogant out. They start trying all bad things unknowingly. The hatred becomes really dangerous for their life and behavior.

So after all types, pros, cons i would like to sum up, of course it is just my view of which parenting will be good.

  • From 0 to 1 year you must give the attachment parenting. Because only after that your infant will come to a mind of what world is. So you have the complete responsibility of introducing every thing this universe has. You are the world for him so the baby becomes more secured and comfortable.
  • After 1 you start interacting with him, you will let him know how the world is. You at this time start teaching him about good and bad touch. You should start making him the table manners. Be more attentive on them. Make sure they are not hurt. They don’t know which is right and bad. Teach him good things, what you can do, what should not be done.
  • Then compile a short set of rules only for their wellness. Not for your comfortness. The first time tell them not to do. Second time give a shout and make them understand why they are not supposed to do. At some cases it’s good to beat also but to a limit. Please know!!!!
  • But give them a space to live. Let them experience and learn some things in life by themselves. That should not be bad to them. Later explain them the reality.
  • Be a parent to whom your child can be an open book. He must be ready to share everything with you. If he is wrong at some place stop him there and correct him. Make him know what he should do.
  • Give him the opportunity to choose his career. But you have the responsibility to make him know all the opportunities. When you find his relationship interests pave the way for that.
  • Support him be his confidence be his friend. The relationship will glitter the world.

If missed any thing do let me know guys!!!!!

It is not a parent’s job to have Godly children, it is a parent’s job to make sure their children have godly parents”


Author: sindhumuthu

Hello friends✋✋,, I am a very usual home maker. Actually was a very normal cook 🙆who tried very bad recipes. But after my marriage when I was forced that I have to cook and no other go because me and my hubby were alone abroad I started taking cooking serious. I started out with lot of flop shows and my seriousness increased and I got explore with more proper and healthy cooking after my son born👨‍👩‍👧. I started being so conscious of his health and food habit. Still day I make sure he is always healthy. Healthy doesn't mean chubby and bubbly. May be chubby and bubbly looks to be cute but that is not only the concern. Hope all will enjoy my blogging. Will come out with healthy and homely recipes. This will surely be a support for ladies like 🍴.

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