Parenting tip 3***


Morning 😀,

I wanted to share the bedtime quarrels from the day of your new born. I know it’s really a big deal. It would be a hard time for you to understand the sleeping pattern of your baby. You will feel exhausted. You will be tired. You can’t have your food on time properly. You will have to wake up frequently in between your sleep.

Buttttt, whatever the above is, just make up your mind and understand that she/he is new to this world. They doesn’t know morning night nothing. You should be the shadow of your baby. You should make him understand what is daytime what is night time.

Bring him to a regular habit of nursing, nap, sleep. One best idea to pronounce him that its time to sleep is to make your room dark so he, by the day passes will understand that once it is dark he should get prepared for his bed.

I am not sure how many moms know the lullaby. If can get to know from your mom or grand parents. They will surely know the way to sing. I learnt one single ragam from my MIL to say “re re re re reeeeeee”. Just when mukul starts crying we just used to say this. Actually it soothes him. But the next pallavi saranam becomes a blank. I searched Google, YouTube but, I was not able to follow them. I have heard my achi singing like “yaradicha ne allutha” again I missed out half the lyrics. So I started to take one that is easy and familiar to me. May be a good one too..

I got him practised to follow my “skanda sashti kavasam”

Till date I sing sashtiya noka to him. Even he asks me each day Amma sing sashti I wanna sleep.

And to my surprise he is around 2 and half but he memorized and sings with me sashtiya noka. He is able to follow the whole song and can sing almost few 10 stanzas on his own with the exact rhythm. I will try to take a video of that if possible (because he starts to become conscious when I open my camera).

And for a good sleep make his tummy full so that he won’t get up being hungry.

If you are breastfeeding make a habit that even in the middle of your sleep you feed him only by sitting up right. It’s better to avoid feeding him lying down. There are chances that the milk he drinks can get into the nostrils before moving into the gullet.

Make him sleep by your side so he will feel the warmth and presence of you. He won’t wake up being panic.

And for moms, you take a nap and rest in the morning when he sleeps. Rest down with him.

And for grand parents, support them allow them to rest. Understand them. Help them.

Take healthy foods to feed your child and for yourself to being healthy.

Think so have covered almost. Have a good time fellows.

Babies smile in their sleep because they are listening to the whispering of angels”


Author: sindhumuthu

Hello friends✋✋,, I am a very usual home maker. Actually was a very normal cook 🙆who tried very bad recipes. But after my marriage when I was forced that I have to cook and no other go because me and my hubby were alone abroad I started taking cooking serious. I started out with lot of flop shows and my seriousness increased and I got explore with more proper and healthy cooking after my son born👨‍👩‍👧. I started being so conscious of his health and food habit. Still day I make sure he is always healthy. Healthy doesn't mean chubby and bubbly. May be chubby and bubbly looks to be cute but that is not only the concern. Hope all will enjoy my blogging. Will come out with healthy and homely recipes. This will surely be a support for ladies like 🍴.

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