Parenting tips 2!!!!


3rd month:

This post is dedicated my special love sister Revathi chella and my SIL. They are new moms. Her daughter Jeshwika is 4 months old and my marumagan daya is 3 months. On request of revathi I am blogging it now.

It is advisable not to introduce solids by 3 months. The baby may prone to more food allergies later.

Before starting to prepare any baby food wash you hands properly and begin any of your procedure by sterilizing your baby’s bowl, feeding bottles, nipples, spoons, any others in hot water.


  1. Wash all the bowls, cups,bottles,spoons, etc with mild dishwashing liquid.
  2. Put all the items separately into boiling hot water for 10 min.
  3. After that switch off the flame and let it stay until you take it for use.
  4. Always wash the bottle or other items immediately after feeding the infant.
  5. Don’t leave the crockeries with left over milk or food.
  6. Don’t use the prepared milk or food after 3 hours of preparation.
  7. Discard any expired products.
  8. Never keep anything hot near your baby. Make sure you bring it to your baby once it gets cooled down.

By the starting of 3 months I would suggest you to give a black raisins water.

Black raisins water


Are you people aware of black raisins… i.e உலர் திராட்சை or கருந் திராட்சை

  1. Introduce to your baby by soaking 2 to 3 raisins in hot water early in the morning once you wake up.
  2. Along with this 2-3 soak panankarkandu or little karupatti ( பனங்கற்கண்டு or கருப்பட்டி), in little water.
  3. This can be a good feed during the brunch time by 11.00 am
  4. Squeeze the raisins in the water soaked.
  5. Boil the water with panankarkandu/karuppatti and add to it the filtered water of raisin puree.
  6. Allow both to boil for 5 minutes.
  7. Start by just 25 to 50 ml in your feeding bottle.

The first time you introduce your baby may pass some loose stools. But that will be okay on usual routine.

Health benefits:

  • Good against anemia
  • Rich in calcium, magnesium.
  • Increase hb
  • Panankarkand is good for cold and flu.
  • Karupatti is good for bones.

Then once the 4th month starts you can try giving ragi porridge but it doesn’t really mean porridge should be ragi water supposing. The consistency should be really watery and loose. I mean it… Now coming to the procedure.

There are two ways you can prepare this. One from whole ragi grains and other from ragi powder.

Ragi “water” from fresh grain:


  1. Soak 2 tbspn of fresh ragi grains in water as early morning as possible.
  2. Similarly soak either 3-4 panankarkand or a small piece of karuppatti in water.
  3. As this can also be nursing feed during you brunch or lunch time just take the soaked ragi into mixie jar and add the same soaking water and grind as much as you can.
  4. You will get like a white milky juice out of it.
  5. Once all the grains are ground, take the juice into a filter and drain all the water from the ragi by squeezing it with hand.
  6. Boil the panankarkand water and drain it to remove any muds.
  7. Then mix both these together and add water to get into a loose consistency.
  8. Boil it for 10 min and stir regularly.
  9. Cool it down and you can feed either with spoon or bottle it.

Ragi water from powder

  1. This is simple and easy.
  2. Just soak the panankarkand in water.
  3. Boil the panankarkand water and filter it.
  4. To this add half a tspn of ragi powder. Make it watery.
  5. Boil it for 10 min.
  6. Cool it down.
  7. Feed your baby.

Some start giving cereal foods like cereal by the 4 month. If it is packed product then you can prepare it by mixing the powder directly with hot water and feed. But when you are introducing cereals begin with a single grain.

Don’t give new feeds in a single week. If starting a new food try giving that 3 ti 4 times a week if i that sets up with your baby well and good. If suppose it’s making any constipation or dysentery immediately stop that. You can try that later on.

Each baby is different. Don’t confuse that he is having that why not mine???

Commence with 3 to 4 spoons that too watery. Increase the count day by day.

Will come with home made cerelac products soon.

You can also try introducing fruits like banana, apple, avocado.

The first way to start this is:,

  • Peel the skin(depends on fruit)
  • Cut into small pieces.
  • Cook that in steamer, idly cooker, pressure cooker.
  • Smash it or you can also grind it into paste in the mixer.
  • Start with single fruit for 2 weeks.
  • My personal advice start you fruit feed by 5th month.

I surely want to mention our native product “” மட்டி பழம் “”

That sweet tangy and the aroma… Just wow..

Will post soon…..

And friends I have a doubt if anyone knows the real reason please message me.

I heard during mukul’s birth and till now that doctors tell not give water to baby. My mom and MIL where in a talk that during their times it was advised to give water and now the reverse.. All new methods new ways.

Can someone tell me why it is not advised to give water!???


Author: sindhumuthu

Hello friends✋✋,, I am a very usual home maker. Actually was a very normal cook 🙆who tried very bad recipes. But after my marriage when I was forced that I have to cook and no other go because me and my hubby were alone abroad I started taking cooking serious. I started out with lot of flop shows and my seriousness increased and I got explore with more proper and healthy cooking after my son born👨‍👩‍👧. I started being so conscious of his health and food habit. Still day I make sure he is always healthy. Healthy doesn't mean chubby and bubbly. May be chubby and bubbly looks to be cute but that is not only the concern. Hope all will enjoy my blogging. Will come out with healthy and homely recipes. This will surely be a support for ladies like 🍴.

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